Parliamentary economy warns of circumventing the central loans and calls for tighter control

Since 19/06/2016 13:47 pm (Baghdad time)

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Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment, warned Sunday, to circumvent the industrial, agricultural and residential loans Pmadrh Central Bank of Iraq, calling for tighter control.

The committee member said Burhan Mamouri in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "the government has placed severe and strict credit control mechanism before proceeding with the implementation of the Central Bank of the Special Initiative with the support of industrial and agricultural projects to the private sector amounting to five trillion dinars," warning that "the consequences of waste money. "

He Mamouri, that "a lot of previous initiatives bellowed where hundreds of billions of dinars and did not achieve its objectives, because of the corruption that accompanied these initiatives, particularly with regard to the agricultural side."

He pointed out that "most of the previous initiatives failed because of mismanagement and corruption that accompanied her," noting that "the committee will check each file are lending and follow-up on the ground, whether agricultural or industrial or residential."

The statement pointed out that "the initiative is important to move these sectors, which will be reflected in the form of productive projects reduce imports, in addition to finding jobs for the unemployed," persisting "but that past experience leads us to take real guarantees to each loan and be a real project connote citizen the country in general, ".anthy 29 / a 43