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revealed the US Foreign Policy magazine about a recent statement to the media spokesman for the criminal gangs Daash named Abu Mohammad al-Adnani hinting recently to his followers that they must be prepared for loss of Sirte to the Iraqi Mosul. The magazine said in a report that the so - called succession lost a lot of territory in Iraq and Syria , but the US - backed military campaign fueling sectarian tensions in the region, threatening the spread of terrorism on a global scale. The report said that for the first time since the start of military intervention against isil gangs a year ago exposed aggregates Daash criminal in Iraq, Syria and Libya to serious pressure as publication of the official spokesman of gangs Daash named Abu Mohammad al-Adnani statement recently hinted it was issued to the need to have followers are ready to losses from the city Sirte , Libya to the Iraqi city of Mosul. He acknowledged the CIA director John Brennan that "In spite of the dwindling performance Daash gangs to their lowest level but not the global impact as well," he said , adding: Our efforts did not reduce the ability of terror from reaching the world. He said in an interview with the Intelligence Committee in the Senate: The mounting pressure on Daash judge that criminal groups will resort to carry out a global terrorist operations to maintain its position within the global agenda for terrorism.