Roudao - Erbil released the Yemeni government forces for 118 of the prisoners of the Houthis in Taiz province , south - west of Yemen, while the released Houthis about 76 prisoners from the pro-government forces, in the biggest deal for a prisoner exchange since the war began May / March last year.

According to local sources in Taiz that " the operation unrelated to Kuwait Bembagesat UN - sponsored between the parties to the conflict, and the release of detainees is calculated for the efforts of tribal leaders." the United Nations delegate to Yemen , has urged both sides to release prisoners from both sides before Ramadan, and did not check to committee of prisoners emanating from the affairs Kuwait consultations any progress in the file. " despite the announcement of the cease - fire that preceded the start of consultations agreement, but the battles are continuing between the two sides in more than one front, where battles broke out in the crash area, the road link between Aden and Taiz, as the two sides exchanged artillery fire in Marib , east of Yemen.