BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Kikhany
He said the National Coalition leader of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, and the presence of the Saudi ambassador in Iraq annoying, stressing that it should be replaced after his remarks disturbing.
Allawi said in a press interview I followed "Sky Press," that "Fallujah war is a war for the salvation of Daash not accept any counter-statements to this war from anyone," he said. "Sabhan's comments disturbing."
Allawi stressed the "must switch the Saudi ambassador in Iraq, another one," adding that "no right to any Saudi to talk about Iraq as well as Iraqi."
In regard to the presence of Qassem Soleimani leader of Iraq's National Coalition, she said that "the Iranians objected to the naming Soleimani, an adviser to Iraq as accountable in Iran," .mentkda "The presence of the commander of the Qods Force in Fallujah."
Allawi said that "the popular crowd featuring two fronts to mobilize fighters are not allowed to even threaten witnesses it in any way, which is fighting with the security forces and some non-disciplined elements and the wrongdoing against civilians and is not subject to the leadership of the popular crowd."
It is reported that Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Iraq, Thamir Sabhan attacked, on Saturday, the popular crowd forces, accusing them of bowing to Iran and to fuel sectarianism in the country.
The Foreign Ministry again warned, on Friday, the Saudi ambassador in Iraq Thamer Sabhan for interfering Iraq's internal affairs, "noting that it Sttkhadd all appropriate measures to do so.