A day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi edit Fallujah "with the exception of some small outposts," the joint Arab meeting in Kirkuk called on the central government to speed up the liberalization of the areas controlled by the organization Daash in the province of Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad), as demanded " expose "collaborators with the political organization, stressed the Arab tribes in the province, the need to contribute to the processes of liberalization and the maintenance of Alord.oukal Ahmed Humaid al-Obeidi, the Arab joint meeting, in an interview with the coordinator (range Press)," the features of the battle of Fallujah began to indicate completion was left before the battle of Mosul only spend Shirqat in Salahuddin and Hawija in Kirkuk, which suffered its people from the various types of abuse by organizing Daash, "noting that" the reality in Kirkuk point during the past two years, the Arab political forces failed all denominations to contain the Arab component and suffering. " He called al-Obeidi, the Iraqi government to "end the tragedy of the Arab areas in the south west of Kirkuk and edit a complete land and re-displaced people to their areas and to expose politicians who have dealt with al Daash and abetted them," calling on Arab tribes in Kirkuk to "take full responsibility and the collection of Arab ranks included without exception, to be head-to liberate the occupied territories operations. "
Arab joint meeting coordinator added that "these tribes claim contribution in the liberation of land from the filth Aldaasha and keeping the land after liberation and according to the law," adding that "Kirkuk province is witnessing an important critical stage of the history of the Arab component, a battle of existence and preservation of identity." He Obeidi that "it could not stand up against al Daash the past two years and kept silent or fled out of Iraq is the shareholder and partner with the organization whatever the name, address and social stature," asserting that "the reunification of the Arab component can not be done only Arab tribal leaders inherent in Kirkuk after the fiasco Arabs and their silence or their escape outside the province for the politicians. "
The joint Arab meeting in the (June 11, 2016) has called for, to unify efforts to liberate areas south of Kirkuk and west of Daash, while calling for not exploiting the general situation of political compromises some are trying to pass the governorate (250 km north of Baghdad), called for "the expulsion" administrators occupied areas.