US forces plan to take part in ground operations on Iraqi territory, for the first time since the decision to send a number of advisers after the fall of Mosul in the summer 2014.uchir Informed sources in Salahuddin that US elite forces, estimated to number more than a hundred component, are currently located at a military base north of Tikrit.
These sources suggest that the "mobile task forces by air" will be the control of the airstrip strategic south of Mosul, Iraqi forces working for months to reach it, to be a starting operations center to break into Almousel.oalent US Department of Defense, last week, on the implementation of the first air strikes against the Apache helicopters organization (Daash) in hand Alkierh.oukal spokesman for the US Department of defense Christopher Sherwood in an interview I followed (the long-Presse), "the Iraqi government approved the use of Apache helicopters in support of armed forces operations Alaracah.ooaln defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi, yesterday, The second phase of the liberalization of Nineveh operations and the major cities of Mosul, began at dawn on Saturday.
The process is starting a few hours after the announcement of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi regain control of the majority of areas inside Fallujah from the control Daash which is no longer controlled only to a "small spots" where.
The return of the Americans to the connector
The informed source in Tikrit (range) yesterday that "the American elite forces are likely to be affiliated known as Division (101st Airborne) located in the north of Tikrit," .almsdr, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of information Spyaker base, pointed out that "US forces Its task will be to control the Qayyarah Airport, which in turn will be based for the attack on Mosul, ".orjeh Mouselaon officials, earlier, to spread the power of the band 101 on the outskirts of Mosul, the separation border with Syria to insulate regulatory Daash in both countries.
Since the fall of Mosul, two years ago, Washington has refused to get involved in a new land war, and is committed to providing logistical support and training to Iraqi forces. But Iraqi political parties confirmed that the United States plans to intervene Priya way for I am embarrassed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, but not just of the ire of the crowd the popular opposition to the presence of Alajunba.oukal US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, earlier this year, said that the international coalition to use "ground forces" to separate "theater Iraqi Syrian theater, "Speaking of editing city Almousel.ulatujd precise figures about the size of the American force, which was said to be deployed in Iraq. However, the informed source said that "force in Spyker does not exceed 150 component with advanced equipment and weapons." The nearly 18 thousand soldiers from the same division s Mosul before they withdrew them in June 2005, and delivered to "Stryker Brigade" .ucharkt Airborne Division in Mosul invasion during the war of 2003, after the Turkish government refused to allow US troops to pass through its territory.
The force came under violent attacks in Mosul, the track lost many of its members. And it picked up a US reports, the time, news of an outbreak of cases of depression among its members due to the long presence in those Almntqh.lkn this time expect that things will be different and will not face Aaatardhat US forces as they were 13 years ago. Preferably MP for Nineveh Abdul Rahman Alloizi, in an interview (term) that "US forces are from you edit Mosul", stressing Alloizi "The scene in Mosul hold larger after the intervention of Turkish troops," adding that "US forces will be a guarantor of the lack of qualifier ethnic or demographic change. "
Road to Sharqat
The Joint Special Operations Command said in a statement, yesterday, I followed (range), that "hordes of your armed forces now embarked on progress in these hours toward the northern Salahuddin and south of Mosul."
The statement said the operation was launched "a combat terrorism and ninth Armored Division and pieces of the leadership of Salah al-Din Operations Command edit pieces of Nineveh and the crowd of tribal and military engineering battalions with the participation of the Air Force and Army Aviation and Air international coalition."
Harbi media cell and said the advancing forces managed to detonate two car bombs were primed to block progress in the village of Ekab north of Beja.bdorh pointed Sabhan Mlagiad, a member of the Council of Salahuddin province, said the joint forces arrived at the Almsg village, about 20 km south of Sharqat. Mullah horses confirmed in connection with the (term) that "small pieces of the banner on the bigger, the Brigades of Imam Ali, the popular Committees for the crowd to participate in the liberation of Sharqat process, along with the army and the forces of the elite." The two factions were among the forces that have contributed to regain control of Baiji, which has seen the heaviest fighting in Salah Din.uetoqa Board Member Salahuddin be Sharqat process easier than Fallujah, pointing out that "Sharqat where non-indigenous foreign elements belonging to Daash," noting that "most Daash fighters are from the area sons who flee eventually, fearing for their cities, as occurred in Tikrit, science and Albu-Ajil" .otaol local government in Salah al-Din on mounting dissatisfaction with the people of Sharqat of behavior Daash which emptied recently, near Sharqat village Azwaip, after discovering the lack of loyalty of the population to him.
It is likely the local official, "the outbreak of the revolution, while the troops are approaching the judiciary, especially since most of the city's population of elements of the security services."
It is expected that there are about half a million people live within Sharqat, which is twice the number of indigenous people, due to displacement, during the last year of Salahuddin. The heads Sheikh Hashim al-Jubouri, one of the city's population Brigade (Salaheddin) which includes the 1500 Fighter of the clans, supporting the joint forces in the liberation of the judiciary.
On the banks of the Tigris
In South drunken Iraqi forces are progressing, after he joined the pieces "Armored," toward Qayyarah, in order to meet with the next pieces of Sharqat when "DisplayLink Qayyarah Airport."
He says Rashad Klaly, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the boycotted drunk, that "there are three villages, ineffective belonging to the drunken, still, however Daash," stressing that "the forces actually entered in Qayyarah from the eastern side of the Tigris, in the villages of al-Haj Ali, Khirbet cantaloupe." It confirms Klaly, in connection with the (range), that "military units, came on the bank of the Tigris directly, on the one hand the village of cantaloupe," and pointed out that the recent "would be willing to cross to the other side toward the villages of Jawaanh and stump, once reached the other troops coming of Sharqat. "
And it offered a subsidiary of Nineveh operations command sites, last week, the arrival of mobile bridges to a drunk, which is likely it will be used to cross the Tigris River toward "Qayyarah."