Diwaniya incr dialysis machines Bospaha educational officials complain of pressure
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Thread: Diwaniya incr dialysis machines Bospaha educational officials complain of pressure

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    Diwaniya incr dialysis machines Bospaha educational officials complain of pressure

    Called on the Council of Diwaniyah, the Ministry of Health to increase the number of dialysis machines in the teaching hospital to maintain, to accommodate the growing number of local patients and the people of other provinces, as complained affiliated hospital officials under pressure to treat their relatives at the expense of others, warned of the long-running on hardware effect.
    The Chairman of the Health Committee in the House of Diwaniya province, Hussein Muheisen, in an interview (long-Presse) that "the Industrial College Division in Diwaniya Teaching Hospital, is one of the vital national projects and mission in the province," noting that "the cost per Algslh for patients with renal deficit costing outside the department between $ 400 to $ 800 that would cost the patient large amounts of money, especially because it needs to many washes per week. "
    He Muheisen, that "the Industrial College of the project works investment system, and contracted to provide 30 scrubber renal sophisticated items, each of which runs for four hours for each patient, but that was provided on the ground is only 25 devices at a time increases the number of auditors for the department every day the seventy, "calling the company concerned to" provide the rest of the hardware under the contract. "
    He said Chairman of the Health Committee, that "the Government of Diwaniyah, the legislative and executive in both, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly called for increasing the number of devices in the section, as in other provinces whose nationals coming for treatment in Diwaniyah, to good health care provided to them," warning "to increase working on devices Hours now what may lead to technical problems affecting the quality of performance available. "
    Muhaisen stressed that "the department staff are working with three meals to provide service around the clock for patients," returned to "the province needs about 25 of those machines least to cover the actual need, according to population ratio."
    For his part, the technical nurse oldest in the Industrial College of the Department, Saad Yahya Redha, in an interview (long-Presse) that "the number of patients of the Department of Industrial College exceeds sixty a day, if we divide the number on the existing hardware we need three meals of working around the clock" He pointed out that "the device need for sterilization and off for about three hours, added to four hours duration per Algslh for each patient, which means loaded more than the actual operational ability."
    Redha said that "the employees in the department are suffering from frequent pressure from officials to treat their relatives and acquaintances and a preference for the other patients, which is trying to overcome all means, everyone needed medical attention but not at the expense of others," calling on the Department of Health and Hospital Diwaniyah education to "protect staff from the influence of officials and not allow them to interfere in the performance of their duties and humanitarian work. "
    He called technical nurse, nursing affairs and other administrative sections of the Department of Health, the need "not to control the transfer of nurses of both sexes when trained in the section, and the allocation of an angel specialist to work in the department and not to move it out again, because his training requires time and effort can not be compensated," pointing so that "the biggest problem facing the department are trained as whenever a meal is transported affects in his work."
    In turn, praised the Industrial College of the patient Hatem al-Musawi, in an interview (long-Presse) as "an effort of employees in the department and good dealings with patients what relieves the pain they suffer."
    The health of Diwaniyah circle, has announced the (March 2014) on the transfer of the investment Industrial College of the project to a company (CAMBRO, KITCHENAID) Turkish, and includes the establishment of a separate building and installation (25) washing machine renal initial phase, within the project (National dialysis), a ministry projects Health paid for the company to provide a free service for patients, that the company is committed to a five-year maintenance of equipment and supplies and furnishing of the site and the training of owners, to pay the Ministry of Health for every washing process Chloe (75) dollars.

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