Actress promised Yazidi sect Kurdistan Alliance MP Vian Dakhil, on Saturday, the decision by the United Nations as the Yazidis suffered genocide as "insufficient" and called on UN to issue a decision in this regard.

She said an intruder in a statement received "long", a copy of it, he was "a step in the right direction, a report released by the United Nations is what struck the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq at the hands of terrorist Daash gangs genocide (Jinoseid)," afterthought to say that "the move not enough to do justice to both signed by the injustice of our people, whether in Syria or Iraq. "
"We know that the latest report is very important to do justice to the victims, but that importance would not take if they do not follow the decision of the United Nations."
She intruder that "Thus reports issued by the Human Rights Commission and passed on to the Security Council that it really genocide and submit to the High Criminal Court, saying he would not be such great importance and will not reach the results envisaged them, but probably that if those reports would be if a lot of reports of human rights violations carried out by the High Commission on a regular basis. "
And demanded the MP for the Yazidis in the Iraqi parliament, "the UN Security Council to adopt this report, which was issued by the independent investigators in the High Commission, and bump up to the criminal court as a crime (Jinoseid), and takes into consideration the testimonies of survivors Alaesideat whether assets in Iraq or Germany, in addition to other documents in the possession of those committees, which report the girl. "
The "UNAMI" stressed, on Thursday, said that the organization "Daash" committed the crime of genocide against the Yazidis in Syria, Iraq and sought to destroy the ethnic and religious group, which includes 400 thousand people through killings, sexual slavery and other crimes, "indicating that" the genocide of the Aesidein ongoing."
He called on the UN report major powers to "save at least 3,200 women and children from the Yazidis still Daash custody and refer the case to the International Criminal Court."