[Wayne-Baghdad] security forces cleared Talib al - Janabi Hospital of terrorist gangs Daash north of Fallujah
A statement by the cell media Harbi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Saturday , "the main theme of the Baghdad Operations Command copulated Taleb al - Janabi hospital in the neighborhood officers north of Fallujah , "
was the security forces to combat terrorism and police forces of the Federal and local police, it managed on Friday edit a new set of regions and neighborhoods even reached Fallujah , the center of the military advance qualitative. "
security forces liberated areas [first Shuhada neighborhood, the second Shuhada neighborhood, Nazim division of Fallujah, Fallujah Barrage, Jubail neighborhood, green neighborhood, the message neighborhood, Fallujah gas plant , apartments, Street 60, the sewage plant, the new Fallujah bridge, neighborhood nationalization, piped station]. "
and continued military operations even attacking the security forces managed to free [area Serail, area cemetery, an existing building Mqamah Fallujah, Fallujah General Hospital, the compound government, Fallujah police station, Alheitaoyen area, Nazzal neighborhood, al - Andalus neighborhood, grooms district, industrial district, scrap area, orchard - Tikriti area, coming up area, Rikan Flaih area, the Olympic stadium area, greens areas and Khudayr and Salem, monkey regions of Chita]. "