[Where - Follow - up] designed a team of students from the University of Edinburgh charging station for mobile phones solar - powered, the team behind the design is intended to refugees and migrants stranded service in Greece for charging smartphones , which represents a lifeline for them batteries.
And think about the team on how to secure the shipment of phones refugees and migrants in light of the difficulty of finding the power within the overcrowded camps, and not cost - free within cafes, rallying a lot of wishing to ship their phones on the power outlet.
The work of the team on the installation of two stations within the camps, and operates each station to generate electricity for 12 socket in time to ship phones using solar energy, allowing each station to provide free electricity to the number of 240 people every day.
the generated idea when Alexandros Angelopoulos one station designers and aged 20 years after he last summer visit to the island of Samos, which is a point of entry to the European Union a million people have fled the current circumstances in the Middle East.
He Angelopoulos out that the idea came after watching hundreds of refugees who arrive daily to the beaches of the island and who need to smartphones charged to communicate over the Internet with their parents and planning for the flight path to reach northern Europe.
has been designing and building plants that follow the new project Elpis, which means "hope" in the Greek language, with the help of energy technology solar Greek company Entec.
currently the company operates on the construction of three other stations across the money raised through crowdfunding campaigns, hoping founding access to the largest possible number of camps within Greece as soon as possible.