[Where - Baghdad]
revealed the International Organization for Migration ( IOM ) , the displacement of more than [86] thousand civilians from the district of Fallujah east of Anbar province.
The organization said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Saturday that "thousands of Iraqi families displaced from their areas because of the liberalization of Fallujah from Daash terrorist gangs military operations, by two key bridges were reopened on Thursday after a siege for months and not being able to leave the city . "
emergency Committee of the international Organization for migration for the matrix to keep track of displacement and estimated the number of displaced Iraqis fleeing the area around Fallujah to 86,286 displaced people, [11.381 family] until Thursday , " noting that "more than 35 thousand people have fled Fallujah last week and joined the displaced Iraqis who have fled the city since the beginning of military operations in Fallujah at dawn 23 last May. " The
Commission explained according to the statement that" more than 56 thousand people have fled to the Amiriyah Fallujah, and exceeded the number of displaced absorption capabilities and humanitarian supplies available. "
He pointed out that" cover emergency needs [tents, water, snow and Medicaid] in addition to the food and non - food items , due to expectations of higher temperature and weather in the Amiriyah Fallujah, and distributed and organized in collaboration with humanitarian partners and government authorities, parcels non - food items to more than 4,500 families recently displaced from Fallujah , in the history of 29 May and the majority of the displaced people in Amiriyah. "
the head of the UN Mission for migration in Iraq, Thomas Luther Weiss , " the continuous exodus from Fallujah , which affects tens of thousands of Iraqis and supplies and funds available we have to provide a level of necessary care to the huge numbers of displaced people , "stressing that the organization will continue to cooperate with the United Nations team and humanitarian partners and government authorities, donors , using all available resources in response to this situation. "
the security forces announced yesterday the liberation of Fallujah from Conception Daash terrorist gangs, and Tkebedhm great human and material losses.
in the eighth band said in a Iraqi army it evacuated yesterday 22,000 civilians from Falluja by the intersection of peace south of Fallujah.