[Where - Baghdad] Park , head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al - Hakim , the Iraqi victories achieved liberation of Fallujah, and respond to terrorist factions in Amerli.
A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "al - Hakim said during the evening Ramadan eleventh office yesterday to the size of the security done that has been achieved during the past two years with the launch of the advisory opinion of the religious authority of the blessed , " reminding any way Iraq security two years ago, where fighting Baghdad 's borders and today 's fighting on Mosul 's borders and to wetlands to the west.
and that performed the check shows vision depth wise for reference that her mother Dico horizon and owners agendas them as they are today proving orientation and detection of risk and mobilize the people in front of him health, stressing that " the fatwa was to defend Sunnis in Iraq and victories today best proof of that , "warning those who" do not want the best for Iraq and power , and those are of Amona on the founding of the popular crowd. "
He said al - Hakim that" Iraq used the bridge to Iran in the field of armament to be the first to open its weapons stores to Iraq and stop him, and her advisers were not excluded from the rest of advisers , "expressing his displeasure of those who put their hand in Israeli hands , without affecting the Arab identity as maligned on Iraq , resorting to a neighbor and Muslim country, noting" the need to clarify the facts of the Arab surroundings and stick to Arab identity of the Iraqi state , "stressing" the need to Iraqis determine their interest not set according to the proportion of other satisfaction for Iraqis. "
He said the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of the need to take a lesson from the destruction of the oppressors without their revenge, saying that" Fallujah will be the starting point for the Liberation of Mosul, and Daash backfire on both supported and financed by political, financial and media Fdaash Bad cunning , "pointing to the need for unjust fighter who insists on darkness , killing him and tolerance not only be from a position of power and remorse contrast on I did.
he was commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, yesterday announced a grip on the inside Falluja prominent strongholds gangs Daash terrorist in Anbar province.
he said during his speech that "victory is very close to defeat in Mosul last Daash in Iraq."