[Where - Follow - up] congratulated the Iranian people and the Iraqi government after their victory on Daash terrorist gangs in Fallujah.
According to the Agency for International Tasnim news that a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Hussein Gabri Ansari congratulated the Iraqi government and all the people of Iraq members, the victory achieved by the army and the forces of the popular crowd and the Iraqi tribes in the face of terrorists extremist groups in the city of Fallujah strategy.
He Gabri Ansari expressed hope that verify the Iraqi government through national unity and collaboration between the political and social Iraqi currents, more victories in the face of terrorism and extremism in this country.
the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, yesterday announced a grip on the inside Falluja prominent strongholds of terrorist Daash gangs in Anbar province.
he said during a speech that "victory is very close to defeat in Mosul last Daash in Iraq."