Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: our most powerful editing center of Fallujah and Mosul tomorrow {expanded}
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, on Friday, that our most powerful editing Fallujah Center and tomorrow Mosul, noting that "Daash was Acquires {40%} of the territory of Iraq and today little has been left of them thanks to a fatwa Supreme religious authority jihad. "
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said in a speech during the Ramadan evening held Eminence's office in Baghdad today that "security forces are pitched to us today Bishara big is the liberation of Fallujah's city center, and we ask God that these victories continue and directed last Daasha them and the return of territory to their people honest."
He added, "We should also pause homage and reverence to our brothers in the regions of Amerli and Tuz in their opposition to a terrorist attack tried to distract effort and ease the pressure on him in Fallujah, and the continuation of our children in Fallujah, Kirkuk and Salahuddin Abjahadhm, inflicting heavy casualties to the terrorists."
He continued stream martyr mihrab, "the leader of our holy warriors fighting in the darkest circumstances Wegerhon and their families for no particular, we Mraathm, as well as our displaced far from their homelands, we reminded them to provide food and other assistance as much as possible," noting that "the culture of spending and tender required rights by giving and contributing and stand with others, generate a culture of tender meat in the community, spending to achieve growth and an increase in the money. "
He noted that "two years ago on the night of the 12th of the month of Ramadan was bitterness above our faces Fdaash were on the walls of Baghdad {40%} of Iraq was in their hand Mosul, Anbar and areas of Diyala and belt and south of Baghdad, and they vow and preparing the euphoria of victory came fatwa upper reference jihad Ulkipaia, gave young people, they took to the battlefields of stopping there and L Move Vetoadtha jihad and said she came to kill the people Pftwaha year which called for the defense of the Sunnis and their families and their land. "
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, and went on to say, "This fatwa was to defend the Sunnis and the community and their sanctities and honor, and their cities, they noticed reading retort and sectarian backgrounds for some people there from the face of the blame because we we founded the popular crowd and they saw a crowd sectarian."
He asked, "Why do not you want this people to be strong, and be able to defend their sanctities and to this day there are those who do not want to admit the popular crowd and they call militias and is linked to the state government power," but he also said "there is a safer we ask for help from our neighbor Iran, why this logic and sensibilities and Latif some objectors put his hand but Israel does not hear us put our hands but neighboring Iran. "
He added, "But we did not really care about these words, you will not give up our identity will remain Arab and spurt in regional communicate with them and should continue, but do not stop at what is in our interest and restore Iraqi dignity."
He explained that "when it is restored today and tomorrow, the center of Mosul, Fallujah will return will be the most powerful position, and won for yourself without increasing or arbitrariness or cures or revenge do not overstate or exceed the limits" .anthy