Saturday, April 7, 2012 11:28
Iraq: the political process has reached a dead end, threaten the unity and the future

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. saw the Iraqi List, the political process has reached a dead end, threaten the unity and the future of Iraq, are excluded to be able to the National Conference Or else it goes back to track.
She said in a statement issued by the coordinating body for her coalition received / Baghdadiya News / copy of it: Iraqi political process, and reached a dead end, threaten the unity and the future of Iraq can not be for the National Conference or the other it goes back to the track that were not there sincere intentions based on Truth and reconciliation of interests to leave the truth and leave the partisan and factional interests and to return to the people of ethnic and fight the corrupt and the corrupt who Aathu flattened corrupt.
And called on Iraq to a return to the logic of reason, wisdom and non-bullying strong power transient and put national interest above all the test, required to stay away from the exclusion and marginalization, procrastination and commitment to the pledges and agreements, particularly the agreement of Arbil, which created the current government.
She stressed the need for Iraq to stand on the same distance from all national entities and protection of all diets political participation in the political process and the protection of its members and its headquarters deploring the recent targeting of the long seat of the National Accord Movement in the holy city of Karbala
And also called on the Iraqi to stay away from interfering in the judiciary and the independence and work to end the file of the detainees who were not prosecuted and found guilty of the role of a court order detainees and prisoners of opinion and hold negligent and allow international institutions to visit prisons and detention centers and look at the conditions of detainees
The view of Iraq that the solution is to restructure the security configurations and a link to the problem outside the framework of the law.
As for the Arab Summit, I promised the Iraqi people due to all Iraqis and register our reservation on all practices leading up to the summit of the interests of disabled people and the arrest of citizens randomly also emphasize the need to continue with its Arab Iraq. / Finished