[Oan- Baghdad] announced the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, a grip on the inside Fallujah spend most prominent strongholds Daash terrorist gangs in Anbar province.
It was a military operation and a wide launched in 23 of May / May last to liberate Fallujah , with the participation of folk and tribal crowd and the award of the Air Alliance International.
Ebadi said in a statement Friday evening, he said that " the security forces tightened their control on the inside Fallujah and still there are some spots that need to be cleansing in the coming hours. "
he added , " directed all state institutions Bastnfar all efforts in order to take care of civilians and provide all the assistance and provide them with protection also directed the security forces , which seized control of Fallujah to the protection of public and private property and take care of the security and safety of citizens. "
the Prime Minister said" aspects of a message to the Doaash no place for you in Iraq have promised liberation of Fallujah, our heroine has fulfilled this promise has been your enemy , and Khzlokm these leaders who promised that it will endure , but it did not hold up and Takazlt fell not place you in the Iraq and Sthacbon all your crimes Iraqis are united against you , get out from our country , Iraq is for all Iraqis . " .
Addressing residents of Fallujah "draw a message to the people of Fallujah have sacrificed our troops to liberate your city , in order to live in peace and security , in order to re - displaced people to the city, and today we want there to be peace and security in this city to your return and to live where and Ntosy the Messenger of Allah [Y]: [day of Compassion is the axiom, today protected the privacy and our goal Saantekm and Ahramatkm and we will make it impossible to keep the Iraqis from all provinces of Iraq and here they sacrifice themselves in order to protect you and provide a decent living for you and you will live out unharmed victor. "
saluted Abadi" souls of the martyrs who have sacrificed for the safety of this nation and greet to everyone who participated and the position of the word , and Mubarak all Iraqis in this victory, and victory is very close to defeat in Mosul last Daash in Iraq. "