Baghdad Investment reveal direct with 20 new residential project

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17/06/2016 16:28
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the Investment Commission of Baghdad, on Friday, completing four projects for the health sector of the total 17 projects under construction and nine to about 1350 beds, as demonstrated It's ongoing investments in various residential, commercial and other aspects, it revealed direct to "20 new residential project in the capital.

The head of the Baghdad Investment Authority, Shaker al-Zamili, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "the Commission and in accordance with the 17 Act of 2006 gave the great privileges of Iraqi and foreign investors for the purpose of communicating and dealing with sectoral bodies, as well as investors in the private sector despite the challenges of the difficult security conditions experienced by the country ".

He Zamili, that "the Board has a lot of investment and multiple directions, especially in the commercial and tourism projects and the residential sector projects only working", stressing that "the completion of four health projects, returning to the private sector, of the total another 17, located between the health center or manage nine clinics Hospital 1,350 beds. "

Head of the Investment Commission of Baghdad, said that "the Commission delivered in collaboration with the Municipality of Baghdad 20 sites residential investment, during this month, after the signing of contracts for these projects," explaining that "active projects accounted for 60% of the total projects that were given leaves of investment."

Zamili He said, "Our problem today is that both the Ministry and the Foundation adheres to the lands of their ancestors inherited like, at the time that those lands and in general should be useful for the country when investing and are developed That would be the work of the movement.

The Baghdad Investment Authority revealed in the (second from February 2016), the presence of more than 300 investment projects in the capital, while the completion of 45 of them at a cost of two billion and 800 million dollars confirmed, complained stopped 150 of them because of "red tape."

The Baghdad Investment Authority confirmed in (24 August 2015 the past), they agreed with the Baghdad Municipality and Ministry of Finance to allocate necessary to implement approximately 40 projects land have been approved during the past two years, indicating that the preliminary work began to build the largest shopping mall in the capital, and it will open soon four hospitals and a number of commercial centers.