Thursday - June 16 (June) 2016
Maysan - My Day

Maysan Provincial Council, announced on Wednesday, to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat crop after reaching the production of marketing has reached more than 140,000 tons, and as he emphasized the marketing of 12 000 tonnes of barley, called on the local government and the Ministry of Agriculture to reimburse the peasantry which amounted to about 26 billion Dinar. The Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation in the province of Maysan, Maitham Alsdjan, in a press statement, said that "the province has managed to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat crop for the current season in 2016, after the arrival of its production to more than 140,000 tons," noting that "barley crop for the current season arrived about 12,000 tons of lack of demand for it. "he added Alsdjan, that" to plan the current agricultural season, by the conservation Agriculture Directorate and the Committee on Agriculture of the Council, was aspiring to achieve self-sufficiency for the province, having been allocated more than 700,000 acres with providing fertilizer and seeds to farmers to encourage them to agriculture and to achieve an advanced rate in the marketing level, "pointing out that" the abundant rainfall and mountain torrents have contributed to an increase of acreage ".utalb Alsdjan, the local government and the Ministry of Agriculture to" pay what Bzmtha dues to farmers, which amount to about 26 billion dinars "noteworthy that the General Company for grain trade, Ministry of Commerce announced on 2 June 2016, that marketed quantities of the crop of local wheat for the current season amounted to 1.0005 million tons, while confirming that the Wasit province topped the list of marketed crop provinces.