Thursday 06.16.2016
Jawad Kazem Mkoshaha
issued the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani on Thursday , the ninth of June , and a statement on the reform plan in the province of Kurdistan and ongoing leaps and bounds away from the media hype in order to strengthen the economic structure and overcome the current financial crisis, which summed up their causes in cutting the provincial budget by the federal government since the beginning of 2014 as well as the fall in oil prices in world markets to the lowest level in the past two years, especially in the past year as well as the barbaric attack terrorist attacks on the Kurdish vast areas, particularly those subject to Article 140 of the constitution expenses, not to mention the house and embrace some two million Iraqi refugees and Syrian from All areas affected by the terrorist operations that occupied by the organization Daash terrorist and private. President Barzani said through his interest in the private sector and the banking system and not rely on oil revenues and provide jobs for the unemployed, especially graduates and ease the burden on the poor citizens in Kurdistan, as are those important things and vitality one of the main objectives of the reform plan for the Kurdistan Regional Government, showing vertebrae statement that the President of the Kurdistan region personally interested in the subject to exit the territory of the current financial crisis and to improve the living condition of the citizens, especially the staff and poor classes and the downtrodden of the Kurdish community , which suffered more than others from the repercussions of the crisis. during the last period has issued the Kurdistan Regional Government 40 a decision within the framework of the project of reform and transparency, concerned mostly transparent and regulate the oil industry, asking all the institutions of the province that the necessary information and figures submitted to the Office of financial monitoring, find out oil revenues, transparency and disclosure of all finished details of the plan to the people through the media various media, so committed and the Ministry of natural resources to declare the amount of oil exported and imports a month through the media that we have not seen before from any of the Petroleum exporting countries in the world. Most importantly of all, President Barzani assured the different classes of people to move forward in the process of reform and its emphasis on the not a vulnerability in the process of implementation of the project and the plan will include the collection of sectors and institutions are not entitled to a prevent state institutions from implementing the program and plans for reform and the fight against corruption. the overall Matdmenh statement of the President of the Kurdistan region confirms that the reform of the economy and the transition region of the state oil revenues to the multi - economy sources and build Rezin and prosperous economy depends on anti - corruption in earnest from the top of the pyramid to below and the lack of immunity to all party and government officials and to encourage the private sector as the Indus and the main backer of the economy rather than the public sector , which holds government spending and significant financial burdens and , most importantly of all this that the process should be conducted with full transparency and informed masses stages completed through the media, to support the plan, because without the cooperation and support of the public can not be done by government projects and plans.