Agriculture demanding support the agricultural sector investment file

Views 81 Date 06/16/2016 - 18:00

Economy News / special demanded that the Ministry of Agriculture on the need to support the agricultural sector, by investing him entry, in order to ensure progress in production. Financial and administrative agent of the Ministry of Ghazi slave,
said in an interview for "Economy News", that the agricultural sector can be a substitute for oil, but it needs to support the entry of investment for the purpose of compensation for financial support, which is squeezed by the government as a result of the financial crisis faced by the country.

He stressed the importance of investing slave to enter the agricultural sector, to achieve the goal to obtain a national production covers the daily requirement of the table Bjanbhe plant and animal.

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed the development of agricultural capacity in the country, by increasing the strategic crops of wheat, barley, pointing to prevent the import of 12 types of vegetables in order to achieve self-sufficiency in its production.

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