A court on Monday to consider claims disputes between workers and firms

2016/06/16 17:57


Department of labor and social security announced in Wasit Governorate, Thursday, on the consent of the judicial power on a court dealing with cases and cases and civil disputes between workers and firms, revealed more than nine thousand workers in those companies, get stressed over eight billion dinars as the rights of these workers.

Business Manager and ensure Wasit Mohamed Mahmoud Ashour told the (range), that "the judicial power in the province agreed to a court competent to resolve issues and disputes between workers and employers from Government or civil companies, domestic or foreign.

Ashour, said that "the Court consists of a judge nominated by the head of the Supreme Judicial Council on a proposal from the President of the Court of appeal, considering that the work suits are urgent cases and are subject to appeal and distinction", pointing out that "the decision came against a background of many controversial issues by the Department of labour and social security as a result of the lack of access of workers to their employers in the public and private sector companies."

Ashour, said that "the existence of such a court would resolve a lot of controversial issues that could be lost as a result of the labour rights spare them from prejudice and shortened by employers", stressing that "field teams to work and so far managed logged seamstresses about nine thousand workers, including workers in foreign companies operating in the oil sector.

The Director of the Department of work and ensure that the seamstresses ' inspection teams in his circle managed to get eight billion and one hundred million dinars over the past period as financial guarantees for workers, "pointing out that" this amount is distributed by six billion and 500 million has been raised during the past year, the amounts withdrawn during the first months of the year 2016 billion and 600 million dinars. "

The Department of labour and social security, is a specialized service and labor law for workers in both the public and private sector and pursue their issues with employers and guarantees them according to law.