The rail launches service between Karbala and Diwaniya

2016/06/16 09:18


Public railway company announced Thursday, Iraqi running its trains between the provinces of Karbala and Diwaniya, and indicated that the ticket price per person will be four thousand dinars, invited citizens to navigate through trains to support the company.

The company said in a statement received reparation peace (range), a copy of it, "after completing preparations for trains between the provinces of Karbala and Diwaniya company will start flights on Thursdays every week", stating that "the ticket price per person will be four thousand only religion".

He added, that "journey toward Karbala will be 1:00 p.m., will be back at 2300 towards Diwaniyah", noting that "flight cruising with Hilla to Diwaniyah and Karbala Mussaib and vice versa to allow travelers to navigate with ease.

He continued, "this line would be important especially in days actor visits millions and will greatly facilitate the movement of visitors and the company will soon launch several railway lines in order to activate rail traffic", calling on citizens to "navigate through trains to support the company and maximize its resources in order to fulfil their obligations towards citizens."

The company was a railway General announced on Thursday (3 December 2015), conduct 357 journey through 24 trains during the visit, indicated that trips across central Baghdad-Karbala-Karbala and Basra, with eye to use modern Turkish trains.

Railway Department was for the southern region, announced on Thursday (28 may 2015), the launch of the first train journey from Basra to Karbala, with indicated that this line will transport visitors to Holy coming from Iran, Iraq stressed that the opening of this line will contribute to the success of the plans to transport passengers in religious events.

Iraq's railway company, announced (12 may 2013), Iraq's determination to rebuild his dice network rail system along the lines of development in the oil sector and other sectors, and stressed that the revival of the railway system would contribute to "the unity of the country, the cost of these projects will reach $ 60 billion, despite the obstacles facing development process.