Abtan pulls the hands of director general in the Ministry of Transport and referred for investigation

2016/6/16 16:47


The Minister of Transport has decided Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan pull the hands of general manager of the company to implement transportation projects in the ministry and referred to an investigative committee.

A statement by the Ministry of Transport Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday he was "in accordance with the ministerial order issued by the Minister of Transport and the agency was formed an investigative committee headed by the Inspector General in the ministry and membership director of the legal year in the center of the ministry and director of the General Company for Land Transport to investigate with the director in transportation projects in the ministry concerning the acts of Karbala lounge at Baghdad airport, as well as a fence weather forecasters building in the province of Najaf. "

The statement added that "Abtan decided to withdraw the hand Almama him for a period of sixty days and while raising committee report after investigative work is completed."