Project work confirms the new pension law, social security arrived at the final stage

2016/6/16 17:14


Department of pension and social security to the workers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs confirmed that "the project of the new pension law, social security and reached the final stages in the Council of State to take its course later in the legislation."

The general director of the Department of pension and social security for workers Ali Jaafar, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday that "the bill has gone through scrutiny by experts and specialists in the State Consultative Council," pointing to hold regular meetings with representatives from the department and the Federation of workers and the Federation of Iraqi industries to discuss the project and ripening according to the requirements of the next stage. "

And between Jaafar he said, "The advantage of the new draft law, the formation of a regulatory device works on the follow-up application of the provisions of this law and to ensure that workers in the informal sector and the development of a branch of the Optional ensure [that is aimed at the inclusion of employers or self-employed person or partner with others]," referring to "The bill gives older workers pensions for those who completed 63 years for men and 58 years for women and who have [10] years of service is guaranteed."

"The bill needs to be an employer who delay the payment of contributions for his workers for [180], and to pay a fine equivalent to 2% of the amount of subscriptions for each month of delay not to exceed [200%] out of debt," explaining that "reward end Service is also given to those who left Iraq according to the agency after it was requiring the approval of the minister to leave and change the proportion of the deficit. "

"The bill includes an increase in pensions, an increase of the inflation rate in the country and considered the minimum pension salary of full and partial at least the minimum wage," noting that "the law gives the allocation cost of living for retirees by [1%] for each year of service." .