Czech L-159 jets coaches arrive Iraq end July

2016/06/16 16:41


The Czech Defense Ministry announced Thursday, Czech air Advisory Group is ready to start training Iraqi pilots on planes L-159 end July, indicating that the Panel will feature 35 and will stay in Iraq until the end of 2018.

Spokesman of the Czech Army Chief of staff, Jean Salk, according to the Daily News Prague Prague site daily, and I've followed it (long press), that "the representatives of the Czech defense and Iraq signed last Tuesday (14 June 2016), a document to modify the conditions of the Czech military presence in Iraq include the legal position and protection."

The site said that "Czech military unit sent to Iraq beginning in June.

Salk said, "keep 'er pilots trained previously in the Czech Republic were a month ago flights L-159 to pounding Saba", noting that "a team of trainers will train more pilots to begin their first combat mission in Iraq."

Site confirmed that "Czech military team, which will be sent to Iraq 35 component of pilots and technicians and mobilizing experts and military police.

The Czech Government agreed (31 March 2016), plan to send 35 instructors to Iraq to train Iraqi pilots on aircraft (L-159) Czech fighter, in its contribution to the war against (Saudi Arabia), expected to start implementing the plan through June 2016, after approval by Parliament.

Mentions that Iraq recognizes, mid November 2015, Czech-made fighter aircraft L159, in Balad, North of Baghdad, under a contract signed between the two countries.

Military information cell was confirmed in (12 June 2016), Iraqi air force planes of L-159 model has participated for the first time to duck nests (ISIS) in Fallujah, mining plants and destroyed stores for gear as well as killing a group of guerrillas.

The Czech general staff was announced, (31 July 2015 in the past), directly 31 Iraqi pilot training on homemade planes, the Government agreed to sell to Iraq, indicating that the duration of up to one year of training also includes training of engineers and technicians work to perpetuate those planes.

The L-159 aircraft can be equipped with air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles, and that about 80% of foreign origin in particular.