Ports Development supports financially the state treasury

6/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice

with Iraq 's openness to the world and within the efforts to double the non - oil fiscal imports, comes an urgent need to develop the Iraqi ports of the importance of its strategic as a link between the continents of the world point.

He called advisory in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler to expedite the completion of the port great Faw utmost importance in supporting the country 's economy, as the fact that measures to implement a successful port ready for action not taken, he says, stressing that seek to manage this file properly and achieve a successful ports to generate a lot of revenue for the country.

He believed that the Iraqi ports need to develop, in the sense that it needs to increase its energy absorption and improving the technology used in materials handling and improve the speed of management, as well as not to leave the ships navigational lined columnists for long periods, and the indispensability of improving customs procedures in a transparent manner, what makes factors attract importers to ports Iraqi.

And the jeweler said ports style to the speed of arrival of goods and equipment involved in the many economic projects in the country, along with running many manpower and bring additional revenue to the state treasury, will also run wild and airline routes, which is the actual movements in the country within the economic cycle.

He also pointed to the manifestation of the need for dry transport by linking the Iraqi ports wild tracks, whether into plowshares iron or citing a ground towards Turkey and Syria in the future and linked to Europe, calling for those responsible for the economic file, especially ports to provide infrastructure and services to these vital areas to be a good base attracts effort international specialist.

He Advisory importance of achieving a sound working environment attractive to invest in Iraq in general and the province especially Basra, by forming a team to develop a feasibility study on the ground and assess the ports in order to put it on the investment, as well as transparency in the speed of the procedures of customs and settling accounts , which increases the speed of entry of imported goods as generate good revenue for the country.