The EU continues to impose a ban on Iraqi Airways for the second year

Iraq Press Oslo -16 June / Ueno: European Commissioner for Transport announced on Thursday for the continuation of the ban on the passage of Iraqi Airways over the atmosphere of the European Union , which includes 28 countries for the second year in a row.

The Commission said in a statement, " The ban included a total of 214 airline certified in 19 countries from the use of the field of EU air in addition to the two airlines are Iraqi Airways and Blue lines wing (Suriname) due to safety concerns."

And he announced that he was also elevated the names of all the supported airlines in Zambia in addition to the Air Madagascar and three Indonesian airlines from the blacklist.

And showed EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bloch, that "after my visit to Iran was last May and successfully conduct a technical assessment and therefore announced happily that he can now most of the Iranian aircraft to fly in the airspace of the European Union."
The EU ban on Iraqi Airways planes in the air space over 2015 for "breaching the approved safety requirements in the EU countries."
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