Thursday 06.16.2016

Ali Jurani

Seems that our time may make all the sayings and balances reflect and carry guaranteed unlike what it knew Vkadima was said summer Abu poor but it seems that the time has changed a lot in recent decades, making it such a vicious argument is quite content , because the high temperatures is normal in the summer the heart of the equation to another as a result. the

Iraqis today greet the holy month of Ramadan amid a large congestion Balasouk in light of the presence of large numbers of displaced people in most parts of Iraq to make matters worse , as they say and make our joy in this month between us reside timidly.

Vegwae Ramadan was this year Cassapqath Valbasmh died many civilians as a result of poverty and destitution in addition to the lack of the climate in this holy month to provide under the absence of full security and high explosions and lack of performance of the government of the service and the absence of electricity under continuous high temperatures and is the opposite needs of the permanent availability of energy in order to enrich our cope with intense heat. the
poor are the only ones suffering from frequent power outages and a lack of electrical generator , which can not afford to pay for it, especially as the local Alhomat put the pricing of Amperes while owners Almwaldat them another pricing.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Electricity confirmed in successive statements that the electrical supply in Baghdad hours and the provinces will arrive in 16 hours but citizen did not feel any significant improvement in the electric power, as accustomed to growing a continuation of the interruption in the summer , which is much of the year in Iraq.

Hence aspects of censure officials in local governments and the central being stakeholders for any suffering experienced by poor families because they did not think all How those years living in this atmosphere , and they do not have is themselves and their jobs , where they laugh at the beards of these poor people throughout the year and privileges of the decisions regarding poor people live below the poverty line without turning them one of those who forget them luxury suffering of their compatriots.