Baghdad slum responsibility State accuses parties block address

June 16, 2016 10:29 am

In Baghdad, blamed the State responsible for the spread of slums and not treated, noting that some unnamed contacts you disrupt their projects to address the housing crisis, said Secretariat spokesman Hakim abdalshrh, that "many abuses in Baghdad, there are structural and bypass bypass on land belonging to the State, as well as the excesses of structural work irregular in agricultural areas, and this important topic," adding that "some excesses in commercial areas and mission are raised directly but some excesses in some areas we didn't find her

The solution to this issue needs to be resolved. "for Baghdad posed earlier projects for low-cost housing, and have a bunch of plans and ideas but never materialized because it requires approval from high up in the State," he said, adding that "this State subject not subject". Abdalshrh said, "there are hindered in its implementation of projects, as the country is now at war." In reference to the concentration of financial allocations to support military operations. However, we "before the war we brought three projects to build housing units for the purpose of solving the problem of housing and squatter and worked on it, but some others have not impeded issue and implement due procedures."

"We expect a new solution now remarkable suit current circumstance, we hope that State-sponsored," adding that Baghdad is willing to provide ideas and solutions and lands for this. "she was Cabinet Secretariat announced on 13 March last, the Standing Technical Committee for poverty reduction strategy that takes into account the experiences of Morocco, Egypt in a slum," file processing with dedicated relationship manager of the Prime Minister's Office, to challenge the Commission's new strategy success building. a statement of the Ministry of Planning Secretariat, Announced earlier last year 2015, to two and a half million residents of Iraq housed in slums or known as "lawless."