Agriculture stresses support to the agricultural sector through investment

2016/6/16 9:06

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

USDA stressed the need to support the agricultural sector, through the entry of investment, to compensate for the deficiency of customizations as a result of the financial crisis.

The Undersecretary said Mahdi Al-Qaisi, {Euphrates news} that "the agricultural sector could be a substitute for oil, but he needs the support and investment for the purpose of compensation for financial support, which contracted by the Government as a result of that country's financial crisis.

He stressed the importance of "entering the investment to the agricultural sector, to achieve the goal to get the daily requirement of national production table both plant and animal.

The Agriculture Ministry has confirmed the country's agricultural capacity development through increased strategic crops of wheat, barley, citing 12 types of imported vegetables so as to achieve self-sufficiency in production.

The Undersecretary said Mahdi Al-Qaisi, l {Euphrates news}, that the agriculture sector has seen significant development at all levels, and we have real indicators increase in wheat and barley, "attributing it to" a Government support represented the Ministry support by supporting the seeds delivered to peasants and farmers