Baghdad completes service for $ 30 million and prevent wasting five billion

2016-06-16 at 08:51

Baghdad scales news

Baghdad Province, announced Thursday, completing a service project for $ 30 million, indicating that the amount previously scheduled four billion, six hundred million.

The Governor said in a statement sent to Amanda/balance of news/copy, that "convergence efforts and follow the economic plan we were able to finalize the draft water Hussainia (modulus) at the checkout station.

Tamimi said that "the escalating pace action and very active at night and day," pointing out that "the cost of completing the project was scheduled to be four billion, six hundred million, which was reduced by following economic plan with 30 million dinars.

He continued, "the project's opening weeks ahead and card (1000) cubic meters per hour.

Mention: the Governor of Baghdad may follow and through specialized committees of the engineering and technical personnel in Baghdad Water Directorate economic plan has been successful across the opening of a project as sale water Mahmudiya and using self and possibilities available to the province under a suffocating financial crisis high frequency with the decline of services to citizens by not providing the simplest financial payments by the Federal Government to d.c.