The Central Bank lowered the dollar sales for citizens wishing to travel abroad

2016/06/16 09:35


The Iraqi Central Bank decided on Thursday to reduce dollar sales for citizens wishing to travel to (3000 USD) instead of (5000 USD), stressed that the process of sale after completion of all required documents.

According to a statement by the Iraqi Central Bank, received (range), a copy of it, "the Bank decided that the share of citizens who want to get the dollar to cover the expenses out of banks and banking and financial transfer all (3000) dollars, three thousand dollars, rather than (5000 USD), five thousand dollars."

The Central Bank stressed, according to the statement, that "the sale after the completion of all documents required under the instructions window.

The CBI had decided, (23 March 2016), passenger quota b 3 thousand dollars only, with the possibility to offer the traveler a request to the Bank in case of need for a higher amount, money transfer companies and banks warned of tampering with the established quotas.

The Central Bank previously passengers are permitted to buy hard currency toward $ 5000.