Jubouri calls Abadi to wait recent Ptainath "to achieve balance and prevent exclusivity"

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He called on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to wait in the recent appointments in government banks and the National Intelligence Service and the Iraqi Media Network.

Jubouri said in a letter to al-Abadi seen by all of Iraq [where] "over a year ago, Iraq is witnessing a parliamentary and government mobility politically, seeking to achieve a reform that looks to him the Iraqi people with all its components to live a decent life is governed by justice and covered by security according to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and including the law, but we are surprised the issuance of some measures singled them what you set out to do is set some institutions and directors of departments among them the national intelligence director, and the director of the Iraqi media network. "

He said al-Jubouri, "And as we appreciate the efforts and the sincere intentions of the Prime Minister would like to emphasize the things that are summarized in the

1 - need to take account of what has passed of the reforms were approved in the House of Representatives unanimously by its members, including the end of appointment proxy file, which Maigtadha commitment to the new appointments, calls for the need that these appointments are not especially Director General of Intelligence and director of the Iraqi Media Network immune to the House of Representatives as the text of the Constitution and the laws in force outlined.

2. The need to consider the constitutional and legal regulations and documents, including the reform ratified them from the House of Representatives, which was established for the necessity of adopting standards of integrity and commitment to professional standards away from partisan differentiation on the basis of the criteria, or sectarian or religious or racial.

3. The need for ways to actively participate in the decisions that impact people's demands and its components, including factions and establish common sense to assume the burden of responsibility.

The head of the Parliament in his letter to the prime minister, "taking into account the above, however reaffirm our support for all measures that pushing reform emphasize the same force and the obligation to comply with the constitutional and legal frameworks as a security key for each reform process and including grants competencies and expertise of all the Iraqi people the opportunity and equal in distracting public office away from any form of discrimination,

including cutting means to the uniqueness of any party to control the destiny of the country and the rights of its components, which the Prime Minister calls for reconsideration and wait while released from the decisions and the issuance is consistent with the text of Article 9 of the Constitution, which established because the Iraqi armed forces and security services will be composed of the components of the people Iraq to take account balance and representation without discrimination or exclusion. "

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi relieved Tuesday, six directors of state banks as well as the Director General of the National Intelligence Service with the Iraqi Media Network Agency Director [Abdul-Jabbar carp.

A statement of the Prime Minister's Office said, "Based on the requirements of the national interest and the continuation of the approach of comprehensive reforms announced by the Prime Minister has issued an order Dioanaa appointed new managers in each of the Commercial Bank and the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank and the bank's real estate Industrial Bank and the Agricultural Bank."

The statement attributed the decision to "revitalize the banking sector and Sir national strategy to stimulate the economy and create jobs and implement the launch of loans for industrial projects, residential and commercial citizens the best formula, according to the government's plans."

The official letter from the Prime Minister's Office revealed the assignment of carp into retirement at his request and take legal department director of the network Faisal Radhi Rikan Iraqi Media Network Administration while choosing the head of the network.

At what an informed source said Mustafa Kazmi appointed director general of the National Intelligence Service, rather than intelligence chief who was relieved the team Zuhair Gharbaoui.