KIRKUK - Nevzat one
congratulated Dr. Necmettin cream governor of Kirkuk , the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate anniversary of the forty - seventh after percent of its founding , which falls on Thursday.
He said in a letter addressed to the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate pro - Lami of the Iraqi press and the family on the occasion of the Iraqi press festival, stressing that the blood of journalists that flowed and mingled with the blood of the Peshmerga, the military and security forces and the sons of the tribes make us proud of their sacrifice and heroism sincere and their words that they moved from the battlefront or camps for displaced people.
He called cream of the Iraqi media to work on dismantling the ideology Daash terrorist transmit the thought and spirit of moderation of the history and status of the Iraqi journalists , which is Jalal Talabani , one of its members and the early founders .
and the price of the governor of Kirkuk coverage of the Iraqi media for the victories achieved by the Peshmerga forces and the security of the Federal .. calling on journalists to adhere to and abide by the professionalism and accuracy in the transfer of events and incidents and enhance the cohesion of the Iraqi people and to unite efforts towards the common enemy is Daash terrorist.
demanding media Iraqis view of Kirkuk and its support to what it stands for humanitarian and security model gorgeous in Iraq through its success in protecting its citizens and receive more than half a million displaced people.
he showed the governor of Kirkuk support to pass all the laws that guarantee the rights of journalists and make them practice their work without any limitations , saying that any democratic system Kan is a free media.