A member of the parliamentary Finance: State-owned banks facing bankruptcy

Dated: Thursday 06.16.2016 3:48

Warned in a parliamentary finance committee member, of the danger of bankruptcy State-owned banks because of government lending Mnha.oukal Hossam punitive, in a press statement that "the government has borrowed from banks and the government since January of this year and the end of the month of May 7 trillion dinars due to the financial crisis without due government them anything to these banks. "

He added, "The government also did not return for the banks that lent them the past year, threatening the banks with bankruptcy and fiscal deficits, and this is a real crisis should reconsider their" .oasay member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Iraq [OPEC] to get support for its budget from the international community after shrinking revenues due to the oil price collapse two years ago which led to the widening budget deficit and delayed benefits companies producing exchange for Kham.ccant the Ministry of Finance has announced that in 19 of the last may Iraq for a loan exceeds the $ 5.4 billion interest rate of 1.5% from the international Monetary Fund that could yield Iraq's access to $ 15 billion and other international aid over the next three years,

as the Islamic development Bank announced it was considering lend Iraq $ 3 billion in the reconstruction of liberated areas and rehabilitation of structures Altanah.oozart close to the IMF, it is expected that Iraq faces a financing gap of up to $ 17 billion in the current year it is not able to measure more money.