JUNE 15TH, 2016
Within the central bank 's initiative to meet the special needs of the sector and the citizens of
Baghdad morning 's New:
The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public municipalities held a press conference at the headquarters of the Housing Fund Department to clarify the loan details of the initiative of the central bank.
The agent said the ministry engineer Aestbrq thorns in a speech at the press conference that he and the basis of Central Bank initiative to support the private sector and citizens in the areas of lending (industrial, agricultural and housing fund Iraqi) came this initiative to meet the needs of citizens as was the amount of the total loan 6 trillion dinars.
He said Undersecretary of the Ministry has been allocated 5 trillion dinars , of which to be distributed as follows 33% of this The amount of industrial loans and 33% of agricultural loans and 34% for loans Housing Fund of the Ministry and loans the Land Bank.
He thorns that loan housing is divided equally between the fund and the bank 's real estate equivalent of 850 billion dinars apiece and was allocated trillion dinars for lending to citizens through special and private banks.
and between the agent these loans are allocated for construction and renovation and purchase of residential units in the investment complexes in Baghdad and all the provinces , where the value of the loan of KD 50 million paid over 10 years are restored monthly installments equal within the period at a rate of 470 000 dinars per month, while an interest rate imposed on the granting of loans 2 percent annually for the benefit of the Central Bank and the housing Fund to provide the website service for the purpose of monitoring the borrower stages of completion of the treatment of loans and be a presentation through the website of the Fund without any financial amounts are met, calling on citizens to take up their responsibilities to report any case of administrative corruption or financial facing the process of promoting treatment and the doors of the ministry open to hearing.
He said the agent that the distribution of the Fund 's loans between provinces for all sectors based on the criterion of population ratio of 80% and a standard degree of poverty of 20% for each province mechanism include exchange mechanism of the new lending transactions that have not been receiving any amount of them, as well as transactions that have been batch or two batches exchange of them, as they will enter into a contract or a contract with the borrower for the purpose of dues spent on in accordance with the new mechanism extension.
He said the agent that the Supreme Committee of the loan problem by the Prime Minister placed roadmap for development projects that you need to own to move the Iraqi economy and the market most of these loans and benefit the sector through reduce to deal with the dollar and employment and reduce imports from the various requirements of the maximum.
for his part, Director General of the Housing Fund that, according to the initiative has been allocated 850 billion dinars for the loan fund by 50 million dinars maximum and can citizens get less than this amount is in line with economic conditions and the actual needs that the conditions that have already been announced, indicating that it was the completion of all contracting procedures with the central bank to receive direct requests of citizens starting from the beginning of this month , as well as the promotion of previous transactions in accordance with the regulations and has available