Iraq calls for Germany to develop agriculture and the privatization of state industrial companies


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He called on Iraq on Wednesday, Germany to contribute to the development of agriculture and the privatization of state-owned industrial companies, noting that the investment and industry in which the environment is an environment Bakr, while calling the governor of Basra European Union to lend to maintain guarantees of sovereignty provided by the Federal Government for the implementation of strategic projects in the province.

He said Planning Minister Salman Jumaili on the sidelines of a meeting with economic adviser to German Chancellor Joerg Asmussen said in a statement received "long", a copy of it, that "the government is moving toward activating alternative other oil development sectors such as agriculture and industry of what Iraq possessed the potential in these areas," calling German government to "provide support to help the government by taking advantage of the German experience in the development of agriculture and the privatization of state-owned industrial companies."

Jumaili said that "investment and industrial environment in Iraq is the environment Bakr and applicable laws, including the Iraqi investment law allows foreign companies to contribute with the Iraqi state-owned companies in order to qualify."

For his part, Asmussen for his country's desire "to expand the framework of support for Iraq in the face of circumstances through which, in particular, as directed by the German government on assisting Iraq in reforming the administrative and economic structures of the process," calling on the Minister of Planning to "Berlin visit and look at the economic and industrial reality Germany and how to benefit from the available for the rehabilitation of the agricultural and industrial sectors in Iraq experiences. "

It is noteworthy that Iraq is pursuing in recent years the policy of economic openness, made way for foreign and international companies to invest in Iraq in most of the sectors that need rehabilitation and modernization, especially in the field of reconstruction and oil and infrastructure.

For its part, the European Union called on Basra management, to maintain lending to sovereign guarantees offered by the federal government, to implement strategic projects in the province, while Union willingness of mutual cooperation in the economic, educational and cultural fields and expressed the support of local government.

This came during a press conference held by the governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, with the Ambassador of the European Union mission in Iraq, Patrick Simunek, yesterday, in the office of the province, on the sidelines of the recent visit to Basra to open the horizons of joint cooperation, attended by (long-Presse).

The governor said, "The talks with the representative of the European Union focused on the fight Daash and displaced persons and the mechanism for their return to safe areas and the economic situation and investment opportunities in the agricultural and reality and the exchange of experiences in education and health sectors," pointing out that "Basra is in need of the expertise of the European Union countries, especially through scholarships to the University of Basra, in the areas of health and education, as well as investment in the project through the port of Faw solid companies, and other projects related to the infrastructure of the province. "

He called Nasraoui, "European countries to lend to Basra sovereign guarantees granted by the Federal Government for the implementation of projects carried out by European companies."

He expressed his ambassador to the European Union mission, "the EU was ready to cooperate with the countries of Iraq in the areas of economy, education, culture and support local government in Basra."

And expressed the European Union's mission in Iraq during the past year, 2015, is ready to begin negotiations with Iraq to give him a loan of more than half a billion euros, in addition to supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism through military and humanitarian aid.