Abadi fighting a new battle with the three ministers are challenging the decision of dismissal

15/6/2016 21:01pm

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

The end of April last days of the submission of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi names of the ministers "technocrats" to the parliament before, it was the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi had submitted his resignation to Abadi, but the latter insisted on his dismissal before the Parliament.

This procedure push Fahdawi to appeal after the decision of his dismissal, his lawyer said in a case before the Federal Court with the other ministers for the same reasons.

The parliament session, which was held on 26 April, saw the vote on five new ministers out of the 10 display the prime minister that day.

Abadi and succeeded at that meeting to replace the ministers: electricity, health, higher education, labor and social affairs, water resources, and others described as "technocrats". And the reservation to the candidates of three ministries, namely: Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Education. As has been the integration of culture and sports ministry rejected.

Abadi, killed himself in trouble when he decided to replace five ministers who were unable to be sworn in before parliament, which was disrupted by storming after 5 days of the vote on the new cabinet.

The Council of Ministers had difficulty achieving a quorum in four consecutive sessions, not to direct the five ministers on the one hand, and the District of Ministers of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Supreme Council and the Liberal bloc.

The Abadi, according to a document leaked to the media, asking the agents Minister to come to the Council of Ministers, but denied later that the purpose of their presence is to complete the quorum, but it was "the domestication of their opinion," according to a statement issued by his office in mid-May.

In an effort to overcome the "quorum crisis," al-Abadi was conducted by the Ministry of Oil by proxy, and the granting of trade to the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, transportation to sports minister Abdul Hussain Abtan, before he was able in the last two sessions to complete the quorum after his success in convincing the Kurds minister to return to Baghdad.

Who runs Ministries "technocrats"?
After the second session, which was attended by interrupters Minister, Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, objected to the decision of the prime minister to dismiss the heads of six state banks and the appointment of alternates orders bureaucracy.
Health Minister also rejected Adila Hammoud drop consistently, despite receiving a directive from the prime minister's office.

MP says defensive Taha, a member of a coalition of state law, "The Minister of Health was to soon sign some mail, even Abadi decided to prevent it."
Slack said, in connection with the (range), saying, "In practice, the five ministries administered agents, there is no longer any minister old or new in those ministries," noting that "the agents took similar powers minister powers,"

but the MP admitted that "the work those ministries confused "and attributed to the fact that" some important decisions must be of the proposal and the approval of the Minister authentic. " Contrary to what the defense is saying, the Prime Minister's Office recently drew the ministers of health and electricity to leave their posts and not to sign official letters to the presence of Minister bench.

The director of the Office of the Prime Minister Nofal Abu barns, in a letter addressed to the Minister Hamoud, was leaked to the media, that he "was commissioned Alaa rich Mubarak Walkers acts of the Ministry of Health," and "Alaa Disher Zamil Walkers acts of the Ministry of Electricity with the exception of the powers of personal granted to the minister .. .. "

He said Abu barns that all signatory action by the two ministers sacked after the date of the House vote on the dismissal "is illegal and bear the legal responsibility implemented."

The two ministers had Disher and Mubarak parliamentary vote in the April 26 session, as substitutes for the ministers of health and electricity.
Reshuffle in record time!

But the judge Wael Abdul Latif, who is responsible for advocacy on behalf of the ministers of health, electricity, and labor and social affairs, says that "as long as the court did not recognize the legitimacy of the dismissal of Cabinet meeting, they remain in office for the pronunciation final judgment" .oaakd

Abdullatif, in an interview (term ) yesterday, that "the ministers of the three have not been sufficient for dismissal of the votes at a meeting April 26," adding that "the cameras did not cover the voting process to change the sacked minister" .oary objectors agent minister said "the process of changing the three ministers and the appointment of replacements for them has urgently too, where no more than 4 seconds, according to lawmakers who attended the session. "

It seems that not challenged the rest of the excluded minister, as minister last resources, education transcendence, hearing April 26 procedures, caused by weakening their fellow objectors position, according to Abdel-Latif, who said that "the Minister of Electricity resented the insistence of al-Abadi on his dismissal before the Parliament, because he had submitted his resignation to Head of the government before the April 26 hearing. "

The Federal Court, decided last Monday to postpone consideration of the legality of the two sessions of the parliament (14 and April 26) to the end of June, current, and last week decided to postpone consideration of darts minister until the resolution of the sessions command.

Victims of the mandate of Parliament
Abadi and launched a campaign dismissals included a number of members of his booth is the second in less than two years in office.

He ruled out the prime minister, in last summer's 0.9 ministers after a large popular demonstrations asking him to "reform." And due to popular pressure, the parliament urged Abadi to proceed with its actions, also voted to give him legislative powers, before backing away from that after months.

Judge Wael Abdul Latif and described what he had done the parliament as a "funny mandate," stressing that "the parliament had no right to delegate its validity for one, has caused the dismissal is illegal for a number of ministers."

He said Abdul Latif "Almrhqin can minister to challenge before the Federal Court."
Any of the ministers did not give the 9 to appeal against the dismissal, except the former Environment Minister Qutaiba al-Jubouri, who objected to the elimination of merging his ministry, Ministry of Health.

He says his colleague Jajo Knight, Minister of Science and Technology Almrhq, that "Parliament is the rejection of the idea of ​​the Ministry of Environment, an independent such as the Ministry", he saw that "Making the Federal Court in a solution of the case is."

The only Christian minister in the government of al-Abadi, who ruled after the first reform package, confirms (range) that he was a supporter of the reforms, so "have not entered a plea to the decision of dismissal."

But Jajo says he objects to the integration of the ministry because it led to the loss of projects that nearly met before his dismissal. And it indicates that he received calls from officials in the ministry, urging him to act to save these projects.