15.06.2016 02:31:38
Voice of Iraq) - Erbil , said the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim, in a television interview with Roudao channel, that his administration did not receive Dinara one of the Baghdad government from oil export revenue over a year ago, stressing that the government in Baghdad were not fair in the distribution of employment opportunities on the local population of Kirkuk , Kurds and Turkmen, what the federal government is still trying to change the demography of Kirkuk under the law and the Constitution 's name. below is the interview Roudao channel with the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim text. Roudao: How is the economic situation in Kirkuk now? Necmettin cream before talking about the economic situation, I wish to speak about the security situation in Kirkuk, it is the police and security side (brave) carrying out their duties and to the fullest in this province, and there is good coordination between the administration of Kirkuk and the Peshmerga forces. Roudao: who protects the province Kirkuk, are they Peshmerga forces or PDF crowd? Necmettin cream: that the Peshmerga forces are doing to protect the security and safety of the province of Kirkuk, while the popular crowd forces whereupon to protect the areas where the Shiite enclaves of Taza and Bashir exists and others. Roudao: it is said that the economic situation in Kirkuk is very bad? Necmettin cream: since 2014 , and we are suffering from the deteriorating economic situation in the province, which is not approved on the budget on time, and after the regulations Daash appeared, we have not received Dinara one of the Baghdad government since more than a year, only they send 200 million dinars to cover clean up the city 's expenses. Roudao: not reach you any assistance from the Kurdistan region? Najm al- Din Karim: Yes, the forces are Peshmerga , who are serving in the battlefront in Kirkuk, paid their salaries by the Kurdistan region, and most of the Kurdish civil service staff in Kirkuk getting their salaries from the Kurdistan Regional Government, there are more than 8,000 employees to study Kurdish salaries come from the province of Kurdistan, in addition to the security forces and the Peshmerga heroes and martyrs ' families are all paid from the province of Kurdistan. Roudao: what are the gains obtained by Kurdistan in return? Necmettin cream: the Kurdistan region is supervised directly to 60% on the Kirkuk oil since 2014 by Carr company, where he utilized the region through the export of this oil, We have received the sums of petrodollars, but they have been stalled since the fourth month. Roudao: for you : Would you rather send oil Kirkuk by Kurdistan region or through Iraq? Necmettin cream: since 2014 we have not received Dinara one of the Iraqi government in Baghdad, and cut off 40% of the dues which have been exported by the province of Kurdistan, arguing that they have a binding on the province to hand over the money deal to Baghdad if it had exported oil by SOMO. company Roudao: whether the Baghdad government is right? Necmettin cream: No, it should not be for the Baghdad government would have to do, it Adratna on many points, including Kirkuk lost dues petrodollars that lie ahead, as well as the return of some oils extracted in order to strip it of gas and traceable to the wells , which could hurt them in the future, also the Baghdad government is well known that the Kurdistan region is currently suffering from a financial crisis, and this type of behavior could harm relations between the two parties. Roudao: what are the best ways to Kirkuk oil export , through Iraq or the Kurdistan region? Necmettin cream: that all the roads are in the best interest of Kirkuk if it has been extracting oil and sell it and which way it was, but Baghdad will not post it, so it was unable to export Kirkuk since 2014, after terrorists blew up the Kirkuk line in Tikrit, and since the advent of Daash, only the province of Kurdistan to export oil did not remain in front of us. Roudao: what is the public opinion in Kirkuk? Do you want to deal more with the Kurdistan region or with Baghdad? Necmettin cream: We have a lot of administrative issues with Baghdad. Kirkuk residents want good relations with Baghdad. So do we, but they also realize the importance of good relations with the Kurdistan Region, because in this moment of Peshmerga Kurdish forces are protecting Kirkuk. Roudao: You seem to have was disappointed with Baghdad and this became the talk about the area of Kirkuk autonomous lately? Necmettin cream : I believe that decentralization is the solution, so that the provinces manage all its own affairs, with the exception of sovereign issues. Roudao: but you demanding more decentralization? Necmettin cream: the federal government is still in Baghdad are working on resolutions of the dissolved Revolutionary command Council, it has decided to eight ministries in Baghdad to Kirkuk transfer of power, but the Iraqi Council of Ministers did not agree on the pretext that the provincial elections have yet to be held in the province of Kirkuk. Even employment opportunities, especially for the Kurds are almost non - existent, we have a law providing for those who do not graded his name in the 1957 census may not be employed in Kirkuk, but in 2013 were employed nearly 1,000 teachers were not in them is not of Kurdish nationalism and Turkmen, and when you stop approval these commands employment and punish the call. Roudao: you comment on what your hopes in this project? The people of Kirkuk? Or the Kurdish presidency? Or political parties? Necmettin cream: Honestly, we are counting on the people of Kirkuk, and if they do not vote, you can not state parties or groups to achieve this, and let 's let's be realistic, we have over 12 years and no material carried 140 so far, have been paying too much money to return some non - residents of Kirkuk , but they're still here, and moreover did not give up their allocated for the Kurds and Turkmen territory. Roudao: this means that the establishment of an independent region would be the best solution? Necmettin cream: I think that the removal of Kirkuk from Baghdad Siqrabha more than province Kurdistan. Roudao: Why do not focus regardless of this effort on the annexation of Kirkuk to the Kurdistan region if you are sure that the people of Kirkuk will stand with you? Necmettin cream: for me Kirkuk is part of Kurdistan, and I hope that now, but is this possible? Roudao: have you tried or tried it? Necmettin cream: I spoke at length with all parties, both the United States and the United Nations , the European Union, Turkey and even Iran. Roudao: to Kirkuk due to the Kurdistan region? Necmettin cream: there is no support for the return of Kirkuk to the Kurdistan region. Roudao: what is the position of countries such as Turkey, Iran and the United States on this issue? Necmettin cream: I was in Turkey with Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, and we talked with former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Turkish President Erdogan. They asked quite frankly that Kirkuk become an independent region. With regard to the United States and the United Nations , the European Union and even Baghdad, I do not see any opposition to them for this proposal. Roudao: Did raise the question of Kirkuk to become part of the Kurdistan Region? Najm al- Din Karim: Yes, I did, but it did not work. Roudao: Will she get this issue on the support of President Massoud Barzani? Necmettin cream: I've talked with Kak Massoud, said I do not care who will judge how ?, what matters is to preserve the Kurdish identity of Kirkuk. Roudao: there is talk about the existence of a proposal to export Kirkuk oil through Iran? Necmettin cream: where is the pipeline to do that? Roudao: it is said that work was underway to secure it in the future? Necmettin cream: there are some rumors, but I'm not aware of the details, but I see that this will not be practical, we may need to two years to complete it. Roudao: have you tried lately sell Kirkuk oil through the pipelines of the Kurdistan region line? Necmettin cream: there was a delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of oil, and they pay a visit to the Kurdistan region as well, and there have been attempts to reach an agreement to start exporting oil again .