Wasit intends to implement 11 projects within the contribution of Chinese company invested because ahdab

2016/06/15 17:48


The reconstruction Committee announced in Wasit, Council on Wednesday, its implementation of 11 projects within the social contribution to decongest ahdab oil field, Western Province, (180 km southeast of Baghdad) by OASIS with Chinese confirmed that five projects cost millions of dollars.

Waiting for ages said in an interview, Nomani (range), "social contribution program offered by Chinese investors for OASIS ahdab oil province, include $ 5 million to implement multiple projects in one hand free (30 km west of Kut), which falls within the field of administrative borders."

Numani, said that "the Committee for reconstruction in provincial Council put him to spend that money on important projects, in coordination with the administration of the Prefecture and the Municipal Council in Wasit oilfield management civil servants", noting that "the amounts to be allocated 11 decongest projects include electricity sectors h, water sports and youth".

Numani, said that "the most important of these projects is the development and rehabilitation of the electricity distribution network in a number of rural villages and lighting the entrance area and build two rows for each nine capacity, in the villages of victory and sweet, as well as a kindergarten in the district Center," pointing out that "other planned projects include a water pipeline from the city center to the village of ten and most of the questions to the Tigris River dialogue project was issued with a compound to filtered water capacity 50 M3 in the disadvantaged village and rehabilitation practice Stadium square With the establishment of the external fence. "

The free area is fertile agricultural areas in the province through the Husseinieh which includes agricultural approximately 50 thousand acres of good land, in addition to having ahdab oil within the administrative borders of the area, which is run by Chinese OASIS and produces 140 000 barrels.