The government denies imposing a 15% tax on the salaries of all employees

Wednesday 15 June 2016 | 11:53
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BAGHDAD / ... Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister denied that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, news of the imposition of tax on employees by 15% as a condition for the IMF loan to Iraq, noting that the agreement with the IMF was to impose a tax on the total income with allowances staff of a second class up grades and special rate of between 7-15%, depending on the level of salary.

Said Saleh's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Iraqi state employees' salaries is a gain of 40% of the federal budget, and while adding the salaries of retirees they represent 50% and all these salaries are exempt from tax at the time that the law speaks of accounting tax on all revenues Monthly income".

He added that "there is a decision of the Council of Ministers in 2010, tax accounting commented on all allocations salaries, was the requirement that the IMF tax on all income, not only nominal and core are no universally allocations as well."

He explained that "we have informed the IMF that in Iraq staff level of pensions low and can not taxing them weigh their shoulders, where we got to with them an agreement in principle to impose the tax on allowances to staff a second-class up to special grades and those Bmjmlhm to Aahklon 5-7% of the rest of the staff overall scores from the third to the tenth not be taxed. "

Saleh explained that "the tax settling accounts of stairs from the second up will be on all monthly income may begin from 7-15%," adding that "those affected by this Agreement from the upper grades Amilo to confuse and delude the lower rungs that will include all staff in order to cancel the decision them. "

The local reports quoted sources described Palmtalaap, that the Council of Ministers approved a discount of 15% of employees who earn more than a million Iraqi dinars salaries.

The sources explained that the Council of Ministers approved a 15% discount from the salaries of employees in the event of go Iraq to borrow from the World Bank, noting that the decision came as a result of winning the big budget deficit, which amounts to about $ 50 million because of lower oil prices, the department against al Daash terrorist battles , asserting that the reduction covers all state employees Bmaver presidencies Althelat.anthy 13