27 arrested were revealing because bank managers and new resolutions Abadi

1905-06-15 at 13:48

Special the balance of news

The Kurdistan Alliance mp 27 arrested were, Wednesday, on the reform front, split into four or five different departments be funded and methodology, with drew out a comprehensive reform plan for Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

We've been told to balance news "reform front, did not have an agreed approach to attributing the reason to having different positions within them," he said, adding that "but gather her is go about saving the country from administrative and financial corruption and out of the crisis in Iraq today."

He added that "the long term reform front will be scattered to four or five different directions", noting that "every group will have its methodology and its future prospects, and backgrounds.

Asked about the recent decision of Parliament's support, "said Ebadi change independent chairpersons, directors of banks should be according to the contexts and agree on efficient characters", pointing out that "change was not calculated correctly and enough."

He continued, "there is a higher efficiencies expertise who were nominated for banks but remained parked", saying that "far from technocrats and competencies".

He pointed out that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi did not take Parliament's opinion about changing positions that are named", explaining that "there is a comprehensive plan to fight but I was supposed to get the Ministerial change plan followed by agents, managers and consultants and chairpersons.

And that "there was a waste of public money at banks making Abadi spun in to maintain public interest and change them but was unsuccessful in choosing alternative", calling on the Federal Court to resolve its position and does not extend appeals decision for hearings of Parliament. "

In SMC/balance of news, mp Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, "Prime Minister Haidar Al Badi new meal will soon release changes include changing the cool heads of independent bodies 22."