Details of subtracting income his beatings (15%) Of staff salaries

15-06-2016 12:30 PM

Detect gabbar parliamentary Finance Committee member Abadi, senior staff and the first and second class carriages are covered by the income tax of 15% which will be deducted from their salary, likely the total salary deduction and not paramount.

Ibadi said in a press statement, that ' the income tax to be deducted from employees ' salaries which amounts to 15%, including first and second class carriages, and the upper grades as Director-General and above ', stating that ' other degrees lower than second class is not covered by this tax.

He explained that ' the money deducted will go to the State and not to the other, more likely to ' total salary is deductible any nominal salary and allowances to the insured employee not only nominal salary.

He added that this ' Abadi, deduction was within the Government, the IMF proposals gave the Government decision to take this time to comply with the terms of the Fund to reduce operational expenditures that are mostly salaries