Economy big Iraq debt: parliamentary and international payment claims

1905-06-15 at 09:44

Special the balance of news

Economy and Investment Committee member confirmed parliamentary answer truthfully answer, Wednesday, to borrow Iraq more than 20 billion dollars since it passed by the economic crisis, with pointed out that since the former regime debt down to now.

Najib said to balance News/Iraq Governments failed, "the country's economy delivered prior to what it is now", adding that "Iraq had borrowed more than $ 20 billion during the current economic crisis."

She added, "the Japanese Organization donated $ 5 billion to Iraq that the International Monetary Fund loan to Iraq an estimated 4 billion dollars in 2010."

She noted that "the World Bank Group was awarded nearly $ 3 billion in Iraq as Italy granted" "400 million euros to the country and Germany also gave us large amounts", noting that "these overall loans exceeded 15 billion dollars".

She continued, that "Iraq's debt size since the previous regime right up to now is big and there are international claims for payment.