Tuesday 14-06-2016 | 3:57:49

Twilight News / Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said they last met in his office announced Tuesday Joerg Asmussen to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's economic envoy and his accompanying delegation.

According to a statement issued by the office that during the meeting to discuss ways to improve economic relations between the two countries and the restructuring of the Iraqi economy and to benefit from German expertise and experience in this area.

The statement added that he was discussing the economic reforms initiated by the government and create jobs through vocational training program in banking, transport and strengthening the private sector in addition to the implementation of projects in all governorates, especially Basra, and benefit from the experience of the German ports.

According to the statement, Asmussen reiterated his country's support for Iraq in the reformist steps and build its economy on sound foundations.