The European Union calls on Basra loaning out sovereign guarantees for strategic projects

2016/06/14 19:23


Department of European Union of Basra Tuesday, lending to maintain sovereign guarantees provided by the Federal Government, to implement strategic projects in the province, (590 km south of Baghdad), while the Union expressed willingness for joint cooperation in the economic, educational, cultural and local government support.

This came during a press conference, Governor of Basra, Majid Nasraoui, Ambassador of the European Union mission with Iraq, Patrick Simunek, today, in the Town Hall, on the fringes of Basra's last visit to open horizons of joint cooperation, attended by (long press).

The Governor said that "discussions with the representative of the European Union focused on the fight against the Islamic State and displaced people return to their homes safe mechanism and economic situation and investment opportunities and the agricultural realities and share experiences in the education and health sectors", noting that "Basra needs expertise of EU countries in particular through scholarships for Basra University in the areas of health and education, as well as investment in FAO port project across the concrete companies, and other projects concerning the infrastructure of the province."

Nasraoui, called "European countries to lend to sovereign guarantees of Basra Federal Government for projects implemented by European companies.

The Ambassador expressed the EU mission, "the EU's readiness to cooperate with Iraq in the fields of economy, education and culture and supporting local government in Basra."

She expressed the EU mission in Iraq, in 2015, its readiness to start negotiations with Iraq to grant a loan of more than half a billion euros, in addition to supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism through military and humanitarian aid.