Preparing to trade 43 session of the Baghdad international exhibition invitations to companies and States

2016/6/14 16:42

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

public company for fairs and commercial services start Iraqi invitations to local companies and international Arabic and to participate in the 43 session of the Baghdad international fair which is held on the first of November.

Engineer Adel said Messaoudi Iraqi opposition company director in a statement copy {Euphrates news} today "that his company has prepared an extensive programme of invitations to States and corporations through trade missions in countries around the world sharing invitations as well as the use of corporate websites to publicize the establishment and timing session and highlighted the areas that are involved in."

He noted that "his company also prepared an extensive programme of rehabilitation of the exhibition halls in terms of electrical and other infrastructure and formed different teams this side to complement the exhibition halls and exhibition reception halls, the largest economic demonstration Maldon which never stopped over the past years despite the security conditions in Baghdad."

And he pointed to a high level of coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, government institutions such as the Baghdad municipality and the Ministry of electricity and Baghdad to prepare for the exhibition properly and give a nice picture of what Iraq is witnessing political stability and economical movement did not halt the country's economic crisis.