Insurance companies face economic crisis

6/15/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims
hope of the Iraqi national insurers Bquadrha and their professionals to their long experience in the industry, that Atbarua with the central bank, what is owned by the enhanced laws protect monetary authority and upheld for Meith from government and private banks, to push and encourage the private sector (civil insurance companies) in the face of an economic crisis plaguing us and for the establishment of an integrated secure harmonious with the newborn and overseas economic action just from traditional frameworks rigid.

therefore , the paradigm shift from the dominance of public sector competitor to the private sector leads to integration with the latter to pay either through the exchange of roles or gradient up to the insurance process interactive dynamic with all economic activities, not to mention other types of insurance in all smooth and softness and confidence in the performance down to the insurance private sector to raise its contribution to the insurance industry.

overall and integration with companies (national insurance and the Iraqi insurance and reinsurance) in order to become worthy of the name of the insurance to secure what is owned from the experience of the employed in the transfer of hegemony unilateral to the partners in the private sector through legislation to protect the Iraqi insurance both public and private laws, so ending the chaos of economic openness and policies (faire let him go) that devastated our economy for the period past after (2003) the required laws as tariff to protect the product insurance, as follows , at least in addition to national insurance and internal dynamics, providing hard currency paid and transferred to foreign insurance companies , even if the re - insurance companies.

this phase may not be permanent because it might hamper our trade exporting or importing. But at least for a while parking the civil insurers financially and administratively and confidence of her feet, Fmadinma count that strongly on international insurance companies, the insurance industry will continue to stagnation or decline, and this does not serve the economy in the process of growth , where the cost of foreign insurance more in terms of their risk assessment.

The deployment of the insurance culture and to require all importers and producers with a minimum of insurance to cover risks will refrain at least indiscriminate import through practices import toe goods for the purpose of competing domestic product and this is what is visible in our markets, so insurance importer comes reasonable amount with the insurance on their stocks to cover many incidents help tame import and marketing to be balanced with the importer , who comes to cover the real demand and not to compete with local product to destroy dumping commodity.

We also issue binding insurance for newly imported or car that four - year - old or a five - year car accidents laws, securing a comprehensive and a third person for the purpose of connecting repair shops to insurance and organize Ashoaiatha as agents of insurance, and most importantly to be compensated the third person and the damage to the car insurance paid for the purpose of deterring illegal interventions that have become prevalent in dealing with motor vehicle accidents , the institution of what Allah revealed by the Sultan, and this contributes directly to the civil peace and reduce the dominance of tribal affiliations and regionalism.

well to issue binding laws in the health insurance for life for the rich segments of Iraqi society , a reduction of Zhm at government hospitals, and organized and activation of the civil hospitals as agents for insurance, but it seems reasonable that the compulsory insurance on the life on those with special ranks and members of the Chambers of Commerce and the Union of industrialists and businessmen after classification accuracy through their organizations and unions to keep Translated and parasites and to identify brokerage offices and coursing down tranches highest in the career ladder in order to activate the private activity in medicine and pharmacy and is regulated instead of the spread , which is difficult to control the censorship and healthy what develops medicine industry and perhaps sing for treatment abroad in order to save currency difficult.

in conclusion , we hope that the combined insurance companies will hold a conference to Andah practical ideas occupies its place in the economy seeks to develop a sustainable and out of the heavily centralized ended stage to have insurance , a leading their tools is certainly a government insurance companies have a wealth of expertise to be activated to serve our economy.