Guarantee deposits and compactness

Author: Yasser incumbent

6/15/2016 0:00

Experts in money to find that the guarantee deposits could money chunky contain the citizenry and deposited in banks little incentive to play a developmental role.

Now that the Cabinet approved the draft deposit guarantee system adopted by the central bank in a move it to encourage savings.

Under this system will be concluded to set up a company to guarantee deposits which have long called her money experts and economists to restore confidence in banks by the public to encourage them to save their savings where instead of Aktnazha at home.

It should be noted that the money chunky estimates of 30 trillion dinars and that the money could have developmental renaissance occur if invested properly and may skip Alazmhalta afflicting the country.

Step successful offer by the central bank, but I find that the requirements to make it work , including work to enact a law to guarantee deposits available not later system as required by the Association of banks prepare an awareness program of the importance of Alachar content corresponds to the same banks and the introduction of incentives to help attracting deposits competitive initiatives.

In order to Althaghbalmassarv own returned again on the central direct system of classification of the good banks and evaluated with full transparency to help citizens in the successful ones choosing to put his savings guaranteed by the central evaluation. finally , should the Association of banks hold a questionnaire quarterly extent of alopecia increase in deposits percentages so they can be study the effect of this system and work to develop it into law in cooperation with the central bank to expand the circle of confidence in banks and encourage customers to deposit have.