1:02:00 06.14.2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diwaniyah declared in the province of Diwaniyah member, on Monday, injuring six people quarreling with knives and sticks broke out after the competition for a property in a public auction in the municipality of the province, and also confirmed the arrest of the injured to investigate the circumstances of the incident, he called for an emergency session to discuss the breaches that exposed with some government installations in the province, (180 kilometers ) south of Baghdad. he said the Council of Diwaniya province , a member of Hussein Alcarzhi that "competition in the auction on the continued mayor of maintaining a drug within the directorate building and the evolution of today, the fight between the contenders and fight with hands, sticks and knives, resulting in wounded six people were injured. " He added Alcarzhi, that" the wounded were transferred to Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital for treatment, before being stopped in the Zora police station for questioning about the real reasons for the fight, and how to introduce weapons into the government building subject of patients , strict inspection ", blaming "detachment protecting existing installations in the municipal responsibility, the lack of inspection elements for the auditors properly which enabled one of the bidders to enter the knife with him." He revealed Alcarzhi, for "request submitted to the Council of the province of Diwaniyah, to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the security breaches that have become exposed to some facilities government, including assault student days ago on one exam centers without having to take any action against him, and an emphasis on maintaining police headquarters to urge its members to perform its duties fullest without fear of tribal consequences that Tkplhm on the performance of their duties. " It was not possible for (BBC) get a response from the Diwaniya police command in spite of several calls and letters to the provincial police chief Maj . Gen. Hamza Abdul Zaid. he was called an intermediate stage in the district of the eastern Al - Hamza, (30 km south of Diwaniyah), the oldest on Saturday, cracking windows of cars belonging to observers due to lack of entry exam for the delay of the deadline by more than half an hour, and while loaded Educational, union teachers Diwaniya security authorities responsible for the attack and demanded an urgent investigation, the provincial police chief vowed to hold accountable assigned to protect exam centers that appropriate measures have been taken to the moment of the accident detachments. It is noteworthy that the province Diwaniya (180 km ) south of Baghdad, the provinces which is witnessing stable security but seen from time to time various criminal offenses and attacks goes on citizens and security forces alike.